The Wood Life: From outer spruce.

Hello blogfans!

We are very proud to announce that after a lot of work we have finally set the date's for our video premier tour!

29/11 - WeSC, Kungsgatan - Stockholm
30/11 - WeSC - Örebro
1/12 - Hollywood, Östra Hamngatan - Göteborg
There will be givaways and free beer at each premier and we hope to see you all there!

More info about the premiers can be found HERE! 
Trailers and other videos of the TWL-crew can be found HERE!

The Wood Life teaser


Teaser time! Lumberjack style!

Thecaylife Tour - Copenhagen

This is the pictures from the last two days of Thecaylife tour. We all had an awesome time and we hope that Deacy had that aswell. Looking forward to the next tour!


In the beginning of July parts of the TWL Crew went to A-dam for some vacation. Here are some or all of the pics from that trip. 


TWL video in progress..

This is the first trailer for our new skatevid featuring: Alexander Diaz, Oscar Widenby, Patrik Lindström, Ted Grosenham, Ulph Andersson, Mario Eriksson and a whole lot of friends. 
The video will be premiering late 2012.

Tourlife live

During the Thecaylife tour you will be able to follow the teams on the road via Facebook. There will be live updates with the crews current locations and you will be able to follow them in action. They might be close to you!

Simply log in to your Facebook account then visit TWL or Decay and click on the like button.


Come skate with us!

Thecaylife Tour!

The Woodlife and our beloved friends from Decay will be teamin up to cross the land of Sweden over to Denmark. The Tour starts on Saturday and will stop on the following locations:

14/7 Stockholm
15/7 Stockholm
16/7 Vårby gård, Norrköping, Jönköping.
17/7 Borås, Göteborg, Varberg
18/7 Halmstad, Malmö.
19/7 Malmö, Copenhagen.
20/7-22/7 Copenhagen.

Trick for Dollars i GBG

Ulph Andersson Best trick tävling GBG from Sulan on Vimeo.

A clip from GBG last Weekend where Ulph got some cash! Filmed and edited by Sulla.

Stoke check it out yo, we're stoked as fuuck

They might wanna check their spelling tho..

Steezy P

Fat Pat hooked someone who's willing to give him shoes and other goodies needed to skate!! Check out their brand new online-store yo!

It's raining, but no men

The rain is falling like Ted on a skateboard, makes me miss days like these...


We got the crazy punk guy, that's awesome.

Stitches and Stones

Ted got Two and a half stitches in his kneearea yesterday tryin to get tricks for The vid. In other news Mario hooked a new sponsor this weekend and Will now be rockin beanies from stitch'n'stones, Congrats Bro!


Sunday mission!

Going skateboarding today! Film/photo mission


Nasty Commercial mondays, Shout out to örebrooklyn!!


Min profilbild


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