Ulph goes to OSLO!

We´re all fuckin stoked that Ulph is going to the DC Oslo games this year!

Go to his PROFILE and take a look at his face of wonder!

Black'n'White-unite Borås invasion..

In the end of this month it's time for the 5th edition of TTGOS.
This time it's in Borås and ofcourse TWL's Black'n'White-unite wants to have a go at it!
Head on over to TACKY to get more info about the competition.
In other news there is a special nasty monday coming up monday on 26/3.
Later skaters!


The Woodlife is very proud to present a New logo with this week's nasty monday!
A brand new catalog will be out soon so you know where to buy youre wood.
eat rails and shit wood! i'm of to trannyland!

Motherfucker to Chestan

Stoked mother!

Nastyness is on My mind!

Y'all might have noticed that there was no new nasty monday this week?! This is due to the amount of work we are putting Down "Behind The scenes". Anyhow, we have decided to only release The following nasty mondays Every 2 weeks...

Today we are going on a mission, this Guy even brought extra Wood to work!


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