Trick for Dollars i GBG

Ulph Andersson Best trick tävling GBG from Sulan on Vimeo.

A clip from GBG last Weekend where Ulph got some cash! Filmed and edited by Sulla.


Head on over to TACKY for some more TTGOS footy!

Lucia Classics - The Results

Ulph Andersson, Fakie Bigspinflip Photo: Conny Björklund

Ulph Andersson - Fingerflip, Photo: Conny Björklund

Final results:

1.   Gustav Tønnesen
2.   Nisse Ingemarsson
3.   Steffen Austerheim
4.   Fernando Bramsmark
5.   Mika Edin
6.   Joel Svärd
7.   Jonas Skröder
8.   Koffe Hallgren
9.   Kevin Bækkel
10. Ulph Andersson
11.  Jon Arpi
12.  Patrick Hallén
More pictures from the Lucia Classics competition is found @ TACKY.SE
Good work Ulph "O.G.O.B" Andersson, and congratulations on getting last in the top 10!


Who´s the lucky one?! Who won the ticket to PARADISE?

Congratz Pagge!


Pagge got wood for life...

Don't go far coz we're about to hand out a lot more shit!!!

Grosencam 10 competition!

On behlaf of the upcoming 10th episode of Grosencam we are going to have a small competition!
Just send an email to: including your answer and adress.
Put "Grosencam 10" as the subject.
The price is a 10pack of WoodLife stickers.

And now to the question:
Who do you think have the ending trick in the upcoming Grosencam 10?

A: Albin Brodd
B: Patrik Lindström
C: Alexander Diaz

The competition will be on untill the GC is released!
1 lucky Winner will be announced Monday 31/10 2011!
Good Luck!

HUF Footwear Skateboard Challange

On saturday (24/9) its time for Huf Footwear skateboard challenge. It takes place in Rålambshovs skatepark and the mayhem starts @ 1500!! For more info check here!

Mr.Ulph came second place @ the NEWZ SK8 JAM, and won a giftcertificate for some new ink!  More info on the how the jam went will be up soon.

Congratulationas ULPHER!



Tomorrow (or as a matter of fact today 17/9) it's time for NEWZ SK8 JAM in Södertälje. Last year's winner was The Woodlife teamrider Alexander Diaz. We be askin for 2 years in a row D!!

1: Alexander Diaz 2: Kim Norlin 3: Robert Lundstedt, Photo: Denis Sopovic

Here's some pictures from last year!

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