Thecaylife Tour - Copenhagen

This is the pictures from the last two days of Thecaylife tour. We all had an awesome time and we hope that Deacy had that aswell. Looking forward to the next tour!


In the beginning of July parts of the TWL Crew went to A-dam for some vacation. Here are some or all of the pics from that trip. 


Steezy P

Fat Pat hooked someone who's willing to give him shoes and other goodies needed to skate!! Check out their brand new online-store yo!

It's raining, but no men

The rain is falling like Ted on a skateboard, makes me miss days like these...


We got the crazy punk guy, that's awesome.

Sunday mission!

Going skateboarding today! Film/photo mission

Pictures from Västerås..

Here's some pictures from our trip to västerås that i took with my phone! /tED
Ulph and Putte Chillin when we where waiting for Lars. Mario is sleeping in the back.
Saw a car with my name on it, must be some kind of lifetime achievment?
Crew getting crispy before the warm-up.
Lars was first up in the mini.
Västerås skatepark was lots of fun and good warm-up! to bad all the kids where kickbikers tho...
Started the streetskating of with this classic spot. This was also the only spot i took a picture of, after this we got busy filming for the next TWL vid.
Thanks alot for the trip guys, it was hella fun!

Motherfucker to Chestan

Stoked mother!

Nastyness is on My mind!

Y'all might have noticed that there was no new nasty monday this week?! This is due to the amount of work we are putting Down "Behind The scenes". Anyhow, we have decided to only release The following nasty mondays Every 2 weeks...

Today we are going on a mission, this Guy even brought extra Wood to work!



Good ol' Radhouse, never special, never a dissapointment.

Ted broke his board 5 minutes into the session, got no extra wood so you be filmin' boy!

Mario and Filip were still on hypemode tho'

Mario's to fast for my iphone, shadowskating dude!


Fat Pat..

Patrik "Fat Pat" Lindström got a new shade of blue on his foot!


Yes hell yeeeeas! It's time...

Yes hell yeeeeas! It's time to celebrate Army's 26th birthday. And yes oh fucking yeah! its also time for the annual Swedish Skateboard Gala. TO NIGHT! :) Beer will flow like wine and wine like blood and blood like the river and the river like the woodlife. peace:)

Gopro soundless!

Well, my gopro became a bit worse in örebronx, The microphone stopped working after this clip...

Stockholms Blodbad: ULPH vs. Mark Pulman

For you who weren't there for the humongous battle between Ulph and Mark, here it is!


image description

image description

image description
image description







ÖREBRO - The beginning

Me and my best friend Jenkins

ÖREBRO - The beginning.

Mjau motherfuckers! Get down on ya knees and get at taste of this stoked fucks!

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